System status

19th January 2020: Routinely updated Linux software was installed on the evening of 17th January. Unfortunately on this occasion it failed to integrate with the existing station software. With the help of Dr Paul Crawford, it was eventually found that the existing VMware software needed updating as well due to incompatibilities and this was replaced, leading to a nearly 2 day gap in the database and it put the station off air for which I apologise. Frantic efforts were immediately made to repair it leading to success on the Sunday afternoon. The database will need some repair but this may be difficult because of loss of data.

26th July 2019: The sunshine recorder has developed a fault (caused by lightning on the evening of 25th July) which causes the system to indicate that the sun is out during all daytime hours. Again Garry Stewart helped me retrieve the sunshine recorder from its mounting on the pole and it has been sent off to Instromet for repair on 29th July. On 31st July Instromet indicated that it had been repaired and it is on its way back to Auchterhouse.

11th May 2019: A new anemometer has been obtained as the old one was found to be badly damaged. I am grateful to Garry Stewart for his help in installing it and we should have good wind readings from now on.

6th May 2019: Massive changes have been made to the system. A new interface unit was bought (this goes between the weather station and the computer). Unfortunately this would not work with the current software so new software was obtained and after a few weeks it began to work. Extra circuit changes had to be made at this point and finally, on 2nd May 2019 the system began to work again more or less correctly. A few more mods to software were made and the system was more or less OK.

John Brush