System status

At the end of October 2017, a serious fault developed in the cable between the anemometer pole and our house. This effectively prevented signals getting though with the result that no sunshine was recorded. After a few days, it became clear that something was wrong with the wind signals as well, so the decision was taken (about 3rd November to disconnect them completely. This resulted in the wind direction becoming stuck at North, the wind speed remaining at zero mph and the sunshine records for the days also being zero. It was decided to keep the temperature, humidity, dewpoint, barometer and rainfall operating normally as they were not affected by this problem. We went on holiday on 1st November and did not get back until 17th November, when a determined effort was made to fix the problem. This involved purchasing a new cable (305 metres long) and connecting it up with the system. I acknowledge here the considerable help given to me by Garry Stewart of Auchterhouse, and we quickly laid out the cable in preparation for connecting it, and eventually burying it.

24th November. The damaged cable has now been replaced and apart from a few small adjustments everything is back to normal.

I apologise sincerely for all the trouble this has caused and would like to assure you that I am attempting to restore everything to normal as quickly as I can. This happening emphasises the need for some kind of redundancy in the system so that such a failure in future will not be so disastrous.

John Brush