System status

11th May 2019: A new anemometer has been obtained as the old one was found to be badly damaged. I am grateful to Garry Stewart for his help in installing it and we should have good wind readingas from now on.

6th May 2019: Massive changes have been made to the system. A new interface unit was bought (this goes between the weather station and the computer). Unfortunately this would not work with the current software so new software was obtained and after a few weeks it began to work. Extra circuit changes had to be made at this point and finally, on 2nd May 2019 the system began to work again more or less correctly. A few more mods to software were made and the system was more or less OK. However it was noticed that the wind speed was not showing correctly and this fault, which

was rather unexpected, and has been met before, should be relatively easy to fix.

6th February 2019: Yet another fault, this time it's serious. I disconnected the data logger and reconnected it, after which it has never worked. I think I may have damaged it. So the only things on the station which work are temperature, humidity and I can measure the sunshine and rainfall but wind speed, direction, barometer data are not present. I'm sorry about this, it looks as if the system will be broken for some time. I am letting the data (such as it is) to continue to flow to the website but if you look at the graphs (and the main page) you will see it's lacking.

2nd March 2018: A new fault has developed; the automatic rain gauge has been damaged by frost. The outlet from the rain gauge became blocked preventing water from getting out of the gauge which resulted in the gauge filling with water and submerging the electronics which are now not working. The rain gauge heater unfortunately was not powerful enough to thaw the output. A new circuit board has been ordered and once it arrives, I will endeavour to fit it as soon as possible. If you observe the graphs of rainfall, you will see that the rainfall appears to happen in sudden jumps, that is because I have to rely on the manual gauge, whose readings I usually take at 9:00am every day and I add the reading after that time so that the correct total is arrived at eventually but not the graduations in between.

17th March 2018: The rain gauge board has been replaced and is believed to be working correctly. The outlet of the rain gauge is now raised above the mounting plate, making it less likely that the outlet will freeze. Time will tell!

John Brush